Our Technology

iPLUS will allow you to carry out difficult projects

Our processes will be tailored to your needs and we will assist you by answering your questions and helping to define your goals

Analytical Projects

The iPLUS technology can be easily incorporated into a wide range of vectors to boost the yield of protein by increasing mRNA and protein levels without affecting the protein produced

iPLUS vectors and elements have been extensively validated in commonly used platforms and are available for licensing

In mammalian cell lines

Increase the mRNA levels and recombinant proteins production in mammalian platforms with our patented and validated technology

In yeast

Improve the expression of your recombinant proteins in yeast with our patented and validated technology

In mammalian cell lines

Applications include:

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • mRNA-based therapeutics
  • DNA and mRNA vaccines
  • Vectors for gene-therapy

Transient expression of a human recombinant monoclonal antibody used in immunotherapy in ExpiCHO cells shows that iPLUS increases protein production by 2-fold when compared with the plasmid without iPLUS.

In yeast

Applications include:

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Industrial enzymes
  • Nutrition supplements
  • Animal food production

iPLUS increases GFP expression in Pichia. Four different Pichia clones expressing GFP with iPLUS sequence show increased GFP expression (~114-fold) in comparison with the control clone expressing GFP without iPLUS (Ctrl).

Customised Solutions

iPLUS can be applied in a wide range of applications, including viral vector production for gene therapy, mRNA-based therapeutics, transient and stable recombinant protein production, and more.

We offer customised solutions for your projects that will benefit from our iPLUS technology. Our experience with a wide variety of other elements and technologies means we can quickly provide expert advice on how to apply iPLUS to your needs.

Option 1

Insert your gene of interest into our iPLUS vector

Option 2

Insert iPLUS into your vector