iPLUS Biosciences

Higher yield production of mRNA-based and protein therapeutics

Our Technology

Increase the yield of recombinant proteins of therapeutic value and mRNA vaccine production in a wide range of mammalian expression platforms

iPLUS is a short non-coding sequence to be included in the 3’ end of the gene not interfering with the coding sequence

iPLUS is compatible with several expression systems

Integration of iPLUS into existing expression vectors does not require advanced technical expertise

The increase of efficiency production results in reduction of resources and energy

Our asset

iPLUS is a patented technology developed at the i3S, University of Porto, that can be easily incorporated into industrial vectors and cell lines to boost the yield of protein and mRNA-based therapeutics production by increasing mRNA and protein levels, without affecting the protein produced.

iPLUS optimizes industrial processes and responds to the end-users needs by improving recombinant protein levels and reducing both energy and production costs.

Our mission

To improve the process of manufacture of mRNA-based and complex therapeutic proteins and cost-effectiveness in compliance with good environmental practices

Our vision

iPLUS will be applied by developers and contract manufacturers to the benefit of more patients all over the world